Independent spirit, united support

The Film Independent Spirit Awards is the annual awards show for the best independent films of the year. Held on the beach in Santa Monica the Saturday before The Oscars, the Spirit Awards honors films and filmmakers who embody independence and challenge the status quo. Televised in millions of homes on IFC and covered internationally by the press, the Spirit Awards recognizes the achievements of independent filmmakers and promotes independent film to a wider audience.

The Spirit Awards also offers an opportunity to promote your company within one of the most respected properties in the film industry. Brands such as Piaget, Netflix, Lincoln, Skype, Nokia, ELLE, L’Oréal Paris, Aveeno, Lacoste and Jameson have participated to align themselves with the visionary talent and excitement represented at the Spirit Awards. From outstanding media exposure to celebrity product placement, the Spirit Awards offers the opportunity to reach the film industry’s opinion makers — a fashionable, trendsetting, market-leading group.

For additional Information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Albina Oks, Director of Corporate Sponsorship, Film Independent: 310.432.1252 or aoks@filmindependent.org.

2014 Spirit Awards Sponsorship Options