Pit Stop

Nominated For:



(Award given to the writer, director and producers of a feature made for under $500,000)

WRITER: David Lowery
PRODUCERS: Jonathan Duffy / James M. Johnston / Eric Steele / Kelly Williams


Pit Stop takes a subtle and eloquent approach in telling the parallel stories of two gay men in a small Texas town. There’s Gabe: a contractor who’s getting over an ill-fated affair with a married man and finds solace in the relationship he still harbors with his ex-wife, Shannon, and their daughter, Cindy; and there’s Ernesto: a Hispanic lumber yard worker in the midst of splitting up with his live-in boyfriend, Luis, as he receives news from the hospital that his former love, Martin, is in a coma. At the end, when Gabe and Ernesto meet for a one-nighterhaving endured all the struggles and heartbreaks and wondering if they’ll ever find love againthey face the possibility that they might just be meant for each other.