Crystal Fairy

Nominated For:



(Award given to the writer, director and producers of a feature made for under $500,000)

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Sebastián Silva
PRODUCERS: Juan de Dios Larraín / Pablo Larraín


When Jamie invites a complete stranger to come along on a road trip to the north of Chile with his Chilean friend Champa and two of his younger brothers, he fails to realize that this woman–a fellow American who goes by the name of Crystal Fairy–is ready and willing to accept any invitation that comes her way. Jamie’s acidic and self-absorbed personality clashes with Crystal Fairy’s free and esoteric nature, as all five of them head into the Atacama Desert with the concise mission of drinking a San Pedro cactus for a mescaline-fueled psychedelic trip. As the journey unfolds and the traveling companions get to know each other better, Jamie learns that he must be more accepting of others, while Crystal finds the way to accepting herself.