Rosemarie DeWitt


Your Sister’s Sister – “Hannah”


A dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, actress Rosemarie DeWitt made a steady transition from dreaming about acting to making a name for herself in the city’s vibrant theatre industry. Following years of increasingly larger roles on the stage and on the small screen, it was an unusual family connection that provided her first major break into feature films. As the great granddaughter of the film’s subject, boxer James J. Braddock, DeWitt landed a plum role in Ron Howard’s Depression-era bio, “Cinderella Man” (2005). Taking her Hollywood shot, DeWitt went on to demonstrate her mix of comedic and dramatic chops in a variety of big and small screen projects – standing out as the face-to-watch with her take on the romantically-inclined hostage negotiator Emily Lehman on the Fox series, “Standoff” (2006-07), opposite wry leading man, Ron Livingston. But it was her dramatic skills as evidenced in acclaimed turns on “Mad Men” (AMC, 2007- ) and in “Rachel Getting Married” (2008) that underscored her obvious promise.