History of Future Folk


WRITER/CO-DIRECTOR: J. Anderson Mitchell


When a comet threatens to destroy their planet, the citizens of Hondo enlist their most decorated soldier, General Trius (Nils d’Aulaire), to search for a new home. After landing on Earth somewhere near Brooklyn and armed with a flesh-eating virus, General Trius wanders into a megastore where he’s suddenly enchanted by a strange and mystical human invention known as “music”. He promptly reconsiders his plan to eradicate the human race and decides he must stay on Earth and learn everything he can about this wonderful creation unknown
elsewhere in the galaxy.

He assumes the name Bill and soon starts a family and one-man bluegrass act. His peaceful life is disrupted, however, when the Hondonians send another soldier- a bumbling fool named Kevin (Jay Klaitz)- to Earth to assassinate General Trius and clear the way for an invasion. Although Bill finds it easy to subdue Kevin through the power of music, the Hondonians have no intention of calling off their plan to eliminate mankind. Together Bill and Kevin set out on their own mission to save Hondo, prevent intergalactic warfare and create the universe’s first Hondonian, bluegrass, duo: Future Folk!

The History of Future Folk is the origin story for the real life “Acoustic Space Aliens” who have been charming NYC audiences for the better part of the last decade.

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