Karim Amer

Producer, The Square
Nominated for: Best Documentary

KARIM AMER is an award winning Egyptian American producer and entrepreneur. His film The Square (Al MIDAN), which is the 2013 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award Winner and won the Toronto Film Festival People’s Choice Award, takes audiences to the front lines of the harsh day-to-day realities faced by people working to build Egypt’s new democracy. Catapulting us into the action spread across 2011 through the summer 2013, the film provides a kaleidoscopic, visceral experience of the struggle. Cairo’s Tahrir Square is the heart and soul of the film, where several young activists meet. Armed with values, determination, music, humor, an abundance of social media, and sheer obstinacy, they know that the thorny path to democracy only began with Hosni Mubarak’s fall.

Karim has co-produced award winning film Rafea Solar Mama and Voting for God; a documentary film covering the first democratic presidential elections in Egypt, with acclaimed filmmaker and TED Prize winner Jehane Noujaim. Karim was raised between Miami, Florida and Cairo, Egypt, and graduated from NYU.