Producer/Collaborator, The Act of Killing
Nominated for: Best Documentary

Due to the nature of this film – its subject matter, production methods and the context in which it has been made – it has unfortunately been necessary to credit numerous Indonesian partners and collaborators, working across all aspects of the film (from co-direction and cinematography to sound recording, production management, make up, music, choreography and technical support) as Anonymous. Behind this honorable and historically resonant naming stand many remarkable people who have worked tirelessly to bring these profoundly disturbing stories to wider attention. Their courage has made this film possible. Without them, it could have not been more than an idea, a wish. We share with them a deep hope that our collective labor might contribute in some way to a shift in the forces currently shaping and governing Indonesia, and towards a justice for both individuals and communities. We thank them for their trust in us, and the extraordinary commitment they have brought to this project.